Jan 14 2008

Monday morning mammography

Okay, so I can think of a lot better ways to start a week. But at least today’s mammo-graphical experience was a lot better than my first one, when a computer problem kept “the girls” clamped between the plates longer than should be allowed by law.

I also did not have to re-live the trauma of walking from the dressing room to the exam room (and back again) totally topless. But that might just be because the appointment was at a medical clinic downtown rather than the university hospital, and as it was a much smaller facility, patients disrobe in the same room where the x-rays are taken.

Tomorrow I have another medical chore…getting fitted for my permanent prosthetic right eye. (I got a temporary one just before I left for the U.S. for Christmas.) Hopefully, this appointment won’t involve any nakedness at all. But then again, this is Sweden.

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