Jan 16 2008

You’re gonna do what?!!!

I don’t know what I was expecting to happen at the first fitting for my permanent prosthetic eye, but I really didn’t anticipate having my eye socket squirted full of synthetic modeling goop that hardened to the consistency of frozen Silly Putty.

But evidently that’s how they get the proper size and exact dimensions for the mold that will be used to cast my new fake right eyeball.  Some highlights:

1. I got to take the “off-the-rack” temporary prosthetic out myself using a tool that strongly resembled a smaller version the rubber darts that came with the toy dart-gun I have at my office.

2. The actual casting wasn’t painful, but the modeling goop was cold, smelled funny, and thanks to the connection between my still intact tear ducts and my sinuses, I could actually taste it, too, making for a multiple-sensory experience.

3.The second half of the appointment had the prosthetician working with a set of enamel paints to create an iris that will match my left eye as closely as possible. Turns out the the color I have always referred to as “mouse brown” is in fact flecked with significant amounts of gold and green.  Fancy!

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