Jan 25 2008

“Too drunk to wok”

I met a few former colleagues for a drink after work last night while Dr. Darling chose to stay home and get dinner started, a beef stir-fry.

I called the Penthouse-Nordic as I left the bar and the following conversation ensued…as far as I can remember.

Shazzer: Honey, I’m too drunk to wok.

Dr. Darling:  You’re too drunk to walk?  You’ve only been gone an hour, how much did you have?!

Shazzer:  No, I’m too drunk to stand over a wok and toss water chestnuts in hot oil with one eye.

Dr. Darling: Well, I’ve already started working on the veggies.

Shazzer:  And I only had one cider, Cheeky Monkey! But on an empty stomach, that’s all it takes.  I’m starving! How far along are you with the veg?

Dr. Darling:  Well, ummmm…I’ve taken them out of the fridge.

Shazzer: Why am I not surprised? Put them back and just start the rice. We’re going with Plan B.

Dr. Darling: Which is?

Shazzer: Something that doesn’t involve sharp knives or sizzling hot oil.  Did I mention the one-eye thing?

Dr. Darling: Yes, you did. I’ll see you when you get here. Walk carefully.

Shazzer: I thought we just decided that we weren’t going to wok?

Dr. Darling: Shut up.

Shazzer: I love you, too, Sweetie!

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