Feb 15 2008

An eye for an eye…

I was supposed to pick up my new eye this week, but after multiple fittings and adjustments, my prosthetist still wasn’t happy with the results.  While the colour is a really good match and the size of the iris is much better, he didn’t like the way it moved and decided it would be best to just start over.

So Dr. Darling, who happened to be with me for this particular appointment and has been very curious about the process, ended up seeing WAY more of it than anticipated.  Because by “starting over”, Martin the perfectionist prosthetist meant completely from scratch, which included taking a new impression of my eye socket. Blech.

Fortunately the notoriously queasy Swede was able to stay upright while watching the procedure, and even managed to snap a few pictures of me looking like the cyborg in The Terminator before he puts on the dark  sunglasses.  I go back on Monday (solo) for the even more gruesome fitting with the wax model Martin will make from the new impression.

The good news is that I get to keep the one Martin doesn’t like as a spare.  Though had I known I was going to get an extra one, I would have gone for a different colour…probably a green one!

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