Mar 08 2008

Utterz to Tumblr to Shazz

Mobile post sent by Shazzer using Utterz. Replies.

The above photo was taken with my new Sony Ericsson P1i (well, new since January, anyway) and posted here by what I like to call the scenic route.
Baseball fans in general and long-suffering Chicago Cubs fans in specific have probably heard of the infamous double-play combination of "Tinker to Evers to Chance". Well, this image of the Malmö City Library's modern wing arrived here via "Utterz to Tumblr to Shazz"…utterz being a microblogging tool that lets folks post multi-media content created by a mobile phone directly to an ever-growing list of user-generated content streams on the web.
Right now I have my utterz posts set to publish on my tumblelog, which then turn up here courtesy of the neat blog mirroring feature implemented by my fab hosting service blog-city.com. And thanks to a great little tool called twitterfeed, every new entry here on ShazzerSpeak gets posted to my Twitter timeline as well. Pretty cool, huh?
Dr. Darling and I are getting ready for a weekend get-away to Edinburgh, and while I intend to take my iBook with me, I hope to do most of the chronicling of the trip on-the-fly with my mobile phone via utterz. To that end, I will be posting some short (and hopefully semi-interesting) practice entries from remote locations this week. Your patience is much appreciated…and will hopefully be rewarded with a multi-media extravaganza from Scotland next weekend!


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