Mar 12 2008

Bette Porter drinks coffee…probably black, and lots of it

I’ve been hesitant to update this blog for the past couple days because I know doing so will push the  inspired photo of Jennifer Beals (as Bette Porter) in Monday’s post further down the page.

It’s such a fantastic image that I want it greeting visitors for as long as I can possibly manage. And I, myself, have found it nearly impossible to turn away from … which is strange given that it’s probably just a generic publicity still or screen capture from “The L Word” in which Bette is sitting at a table at The Planet, the café-cum-nightclub where all the characters hang out. Oh, let’s look at it again, shall we?

In this case it’s daytime, probably morning since Bette is clearly dressed-for-success in her position as the dean of a California art school. She looks a little wistful … kind of like how I feel about the news that the show will stop production after Season 6. I know I’ve been kind of hard on it in the past and complained that the characters don’t much represent any of the real-life lesbians I know, but I still watch whenever I can catch it on Sweden’s no-rhyme-nor-reason-to-scheduling-practices cable TV networks.

So I’ve been staring at this picture off-and-on for two days now, knowing that there was something about it that didn’t quite ring true … just like the show itself … but not being able to put my finger on what it was until just now.

It’s the teapot.

I mean, c’mon…everybody knows that hip LA power lesbians drink coffee!

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