Mar 16 2008

Saturday night in Edinburgh

It’s not quite 10 pm, and Dr. Darling is already sawing logs. Evidently a full day of spending money indiscriminately was exhausting for the normally spendthrift Swede!

We focused on media and sporting goods stores, and scored some long sought-after items as well as some unexpected bargains. We also hiked up to the castle so we could stroll The Royal Mile.

By the time we got back to the hotel and showered, we were too wiped to go back out for dinner…so we ordered room service and watched a documentary on BBC 2. (There are only 5 channels to choose from so the pickings were pretty slim.)

I’m planning to drag the Swede to church tomorrow morning since I can’t pass up the chance to hit an authentic Anglican service. The challenge will be deciding which one!

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