Mar 27 2008

If it’s not Scottish, it’s CRAP!

One of my favorite recurring SNL sketches from the 90's involved Mike Myers as the cranky Scot owner of a shop called "All Things Scottish." The running joke was that people would regularly come in and ask for items that were not in any way Scottish (like Scotch Tape, for instance) or they would confuse Scotland with Ireland.  This would make Myers' character apoplectic and he would invariably throw the customer out of the shop.

The motto of the store was, "If it's not Scottish, it's crap!" spoken very loudly and with a Scottish accent, of course.  And because we did a lot of shopping on our recent trip to Edinburgh, I was sure that at least one sales clerk would chime in with an authentic rendition of this saying. No such luck.

But my disappointment was short-lived as there was bagpipe music playing everywhere we went, often live.  All this is a rather round-about way of announcing that the photos from the trip are *finally* up at ShazzerSnaps, including this one:

Bagpiper along the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

So head on over to my flickr account and have a browse if you like. These are the first "real" pictures I've taken since losing my eye, so be gentle with the commentary!

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