Apr 01 2008

Little brothers are for pounding!!!

My younger brother works in the School of Engineering at a major university in the midwestern US. The campus often hosts high profile figures in the arts, sciences, business and politics, etc.

So when I got this e-mail from him this afternoon, looking authentically dashed off in his usual rush and full of typos, I bought the first sentence hook, line and sinker:

Did you Angela jolie will be speaking at [the university] on her humanitarin efforts.  Engr will have a few free tix!!

April fools

I also got laid last night.

Still april fools damn!

It's now 8 hours later and I'm STILL laughing about it!

UPDATE: It's 24 hour later and I just thought of the PERFECT comeback for by brother's April Fool's Day message.  I should have replied with:

You work for an engineering school … what the hell did you expect!

Feed my ego!

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