Apr 14 2008

This onion has me crying…

Two stories from the latest issue of The Onion Daily Dispatch have me in tears of laughter tonight.  Below is a preview, but click the links if you have time…it's SO worth it!

Southwest Airlines Now Taking Passengers To Destinations By Shuttle Bus

“With these amazing new buses, traveling from New York to Los Angeles takes as little as three days. That’s less than half the time it took passengers to get there on our old planes.”


Posters of Naked Women Fail to Draw Real Naked Women to Dorm Room

The housing department report, compiled over the course of three weeks spent monitoring the dorm room and its immediate surroundings, categorically concluded that “there exists no measurable cause-and-effect relationship between the presence of the naked-women posters and the willingness of non-photographic human women to appear naked in or near that location.”

Sheer genius.


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