Apr 24 2008

How did I survive so long without an iPod?!

Despite being both a dedicated Mac user and a gadget-addict all of my adult life, I have always (inexplicably, really) resisted the pull of the iPod. Part of my apathy toward the "game-changing" mp3 player that put Apple design artistry in the hands of pretty much everyone on the planet is that I've just never had an overwhelming need to carry my own music around with me.

Naturally I'm in plenty of situations where tunes could make life more pleasant: the daily commute to my office, the gym, the laundry room, etc.  But I worked in commercial radio for a lot of years and have always been pretty content to listen to that. And since moving to Sweden, radio ads and jingles have been great tools for learning the language. Besides, the last couple renditions of my mobile phone have had the ability to store and play mp3 files (though the process for getting them on the phone is kind of a pain-in-the-butt).

I further have never had the inclination to store a bunch of music on my iBook, and for that reason, iTunes was one of the most chronically underused programs on the machine. But then late last summer my good friend (and fellow Mac fan) Bex introduced me to the podcast section of Apple's iTunes Store

OMG let's just say I saw the light!

Turns out the iTunes Store offers thousands of free audio and video podcasts from both independent creators and major media outlets. You just subscribe to the ones that interest you, and iTunes (the software) downloads the latest episodes automatically. SWEET!

But I was kind of tethered to the iBook for listening to and/or watching them, and given that I already spend MORE than enough time in front of a computer each day, it wasn't long before I was contemplating my first iPod purchase. The only question was, which one to choose?  Unfortunately, that was also just about the time that my hinky eye drama started, and the shopping trip was postponed indefinitely.

Then last month my favorite AlphaGeek Sonny bought his lovely wife an iPhone, and suddenly her iPod Nano…which had been a Christmas gift…was kind of redundant.  Knowing I had been lusting after an iPod for quite some time…he offered me the opportunity to buy it from them at a "family discount", and now, just a few weeks later, I can barely remember what life was like before I got it.

Now, instead of doing sudoku puzzles on the train ride to work, I'm watching episodes of NBC's Meet the Press and highlights from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Last night while cooking dinner I listened to parts of NPR's The Bryant Park Project and the first half of a recent episode of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. And earlier this week, instead of reading in bed, I watched five clips from The Best of YouTube without disturbing Dr. Darling…until I laughed outloud.

Perhaps I still have a few things to learn about iPod etiquette.

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