Apr 28 2008

Colour me miserable, matey.

Is there anything quite as annoying as a spring cold?  Especially after one has gone "cold-free" all winter long? I don't think so!

I knew something was up in the middle of last week when I starting waking up each morning to find my right eye socket glued shut (and Dr. Darling claiming to have had nothing to do with it). I had been told when I was getting fitted for my prosthetic eye earlier this year that it would likely give me the first indication that I was catching a cold or about to get hammered with allergies. Turns out that was not an exaggeration.

I've since learned that contact lenses serve as a similar "early warning system" for folks who wear them. Of course contact lens wearers can just switch to glasses when they're feeling poorly. I get switch to "Pirate Mode"…abandoning the fake eye in favor of a patch…which is exactly how I spent the weekend.

As this is the first and only cold I've had since cold & flu season began last fall, it's apparently decided to run the complete gamut of symptoms. Last week it was watery eyes, scratchy throat and morning laryngitis (much to Dr. Darling's delight). Over the weekend it was headache, sinus pain and sneezing, and today it's manifesting itself as a deep chest cough along with massive snot production. FUN!

I worked from home on Friday at the request of colleagues who did not want to catch the bug, but was back in the office today even though I actually feel worse now than I did last week. Normally I'm not quite this dedicated, but I had an oft-postponed meeting with our CEO scheduled for early this afternoon and I didn't want it to get pushed back again…especially on my account.

So I dosed myself with contraband U.S. cold medicine this morning and soldiered on…hopefully not infecting the CEO in the process. Because I don't think that would serve me very well in my next employee evaluation.

Feed my ego!

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