May 04 2008

When the cat’s away…the mice eat sushi!

Dr. Darling’s Mom is down for the weekend and the two of them made a rather spur-of-the-moment decision this morning to go to Copenhagen. I’m still dealing with the remnants of the Spring Cold from Hell and decided to pass on the excursion. I’m also in the midst of proofreading a doctoral thesis for a Lund University engineer and needed to spend some time on that.

But the weather was just too beautiful to be indoors all afternoon (and the sun was too bright to see the iBook screen on the balcony). So instead of working, I ran errands, sampled my favorite Alpha Geek ’s latest espresso blend (in addition to being our "go-to guy" for all things computer-related, Sonny's an amateur barista), and then rendezvoused with some friends for a spicy tuna inside-out fix.

Usually Dr. D’s absence (the D also stands for ‘disdainful of fish’) is the only excuse I need to hit a sushi bar, but today I reasoned that I actually needed the wasabi…you know, for medicinal purposes. My sinuses are clear for the first time in a week!

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