May 17 2008

Farewell fair Switzerland

After five fantastic days in Germany visiting some dear friends, we’re now on our way back to Zurich to catch the flight home. It’s cloudy and cool for the first time since we arrived. Our friends said we’d brought the sunshine with us and it had probably gone back to Sweden a day in advance so as to be ready to welcome us when we arrive early this evening.

We spent Friday canoeing and biking…two more forms of transportation to add to the list! The canoes were actually more like two-person kayaks and it took us awhile to coordinate our paddling…but we were good enough at it by the end of the river trip that Dr. Darling was no longer threatening to divorce me.

After leaving the canoes at the drop off point on the Lake of Constance, we biked the 10k back to Meckenbeuren. I was a bit nervous about this part of the excursion because I hadn’t been on a bike since losing my eye. Fortunately it was literally ‘just like riding a bicycle.’ Balance was not an issue at all and I just took care to give myself a wide berth when judging distances. It felt fantastic to be so comfortable and confident about it, especially since I was on a borrowed bike in an unfamiliar locale. What a gift!

Of course we stayed up too late last night drinking wine and talking and playing games. But that’s just what you do on your last night with good friends. And the slight headache I have right now was totally worth it!

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