May 20 2008

Roadtrip Recap Twitter-style

I was going to write up a summary of our recent vacation in Switzerland/Germany/Austria when I realized I'd already done it…while it was happening.

What follows are highlights taken directly from my Twitter timeline…which appears in the left-hand sidebar of ShazzerSpeak. But folks who read this blog via e-mail (i.e. most of my family and friends in the U.S.) or a feed-reader never actually see the sidebar, so this info will be completely new to them.

For cave-dwellers the uninitiated, Twitter is a microblogging tool that lets users post brief (140 character) messages to their personal timeline via SMS (mobile phone), IM (Instant Messaging software) or directly on the twitter.com website. The length of "tweets" is limited to 140 characters…which can really force you to be creative. The personal timeline can then be streamed to any number of other places, like a blog, or a Facebook profile, or even another Twitter member's mobile phone.

And so here, by way of "cut & paste" is the quickest and dirtiest roadtrip recap I've ever produced!  Enjoy!

Mmmmmm….airport coffee. Breakfast of Adventurers!

And there's a wailing child four rows back. Typical.

Turns out you need to press a button to get Zurich tram doors to open. Fortunately only one left without us before we sussed it out.

So just how awful is it that once again we find ourselves in a major European capital drinking Starbucks?

The church bells ringing across the street from our hotel were charming…until they chimed for 20 minutes straight.

Sipping coffee on the 1st Class deck of the ferry to Rapperswil. Life is good in Switzerland.

Departing Rapperswil just as a rain storm is coming over the mountains. My timing, for once, is spot on. Must be the Swiss influence!

Dubbed TV sucks…though the actress who voices Nicole Kidman in German actually does sound like her…which is kind of freaky.

Channel surfing in a country with 4 official languages makes me feel a touch schizophrenic.

Damn, I'd forgotten how much I love a ceiling fan. Dr. Darling now wants to install one in the batcave.

Starbucks Zurich = American Magnet…and they all know exactly what 'venti' means, making me sound really stupid asking for 'a big one.'

Farewell Switzerland, for now. On the ferry to Friedrichschaffen, Germany where dear friends await our arrival. Sweet!

Planning to visit a big mountain in Austria. Cable car up/hike down. I predict I'll fail to resist the need to sing "The Hills Are Alive"!

Down from the mountian and joining the search for a missing rabbit. Not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do if I find it, however.

Lazy afternoon picnic at the Argen River in Germany. The water is so clean you can drink it, and it tastes pretty good, too!

My German friend's 10-year-old son loves James Blunt. He obviously needs a good beating. And if i weren't slightly tipsy I'd give him one.

Preparing to get on a bike for the first time since becoming monocular. Later it will be canoeing. Could be interesting.

Survived both the canoe trip and the 10k bike ride back from the Lake of Constance. Feeling grubby and sunburned and quite accomplished!

On the ferry back to Switzerland. Evidently the sunshine went on to Sweden ahead of us.

I've been through a lot of airports in my day and Zurich's just flat out rocks in terms of comfort and efficiency.

Random observation: good shortbread is truly the most perfect cookie in the world.

This airport is so calm it's freaky. Check-in, passport control and security were a breeze. No lines anywhere! The Swiss are so efficient!

Back in Copenhagen, where there appears to be a single employee working passport control for ALL arrivals.

SAS flight to Copenhagen was 30 minutes late departing, & now the train to Malmö is 10 minutes behind schedule. I miss Switzerland already.


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