May 29 2008

God’s gift to sandwiches

NOTE: I had to replace the original photo of MY sandwich with a Wikipedia image dure to the site where it was stored going dark.

The BLT is a variety of sandwich containing Ba...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Behold my rendition of what I honestly believe is the most perfect sandwich in the world. Yes, I’m speaking of the BLT.

Why is the simple combination of bacon, lettuce and tomato on toast is so sublimely delicious? I no longer question it, but my Swede, who thinks this classic sandwich may be my single greatest contribution to our relationship, still wonders.

We had a near crisis during dinner prep, however, when we realized that the jar of mayo that had not been opened since late last summer (probably the last time we made BLTs) was well beyond it’s ‘use by’ date.

Fortunately the corner convenience store carries mayonnaise … albiet a brand I did not recognize (manufactured in Holland?). Not my first choice, but it was a condiment emergency!

In any case, the resulting BLTs on whole wheat toast were completely scrumptious, and I predict we’re not going to have any trouble using up the giant jar of Dutch mayo before the ‘use by’ date this fall!

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