Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jun 30 2008

Bandwidth? I got your bandwidth right here!

Okay, I realize that NOBODY cares about this except me and my hosting company (and possibly the stats-obsessed Swede), but this month…for the first time in the history of this blog…I actually had to buy more bandwidth. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about (i.e. the majority of my immediate …

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Jun 28 2008

Salad wars

Shazzer (viewing a TV ad for canned corn): Who the hell puts corn in a salad? Dr. Darling: Oh I think it’s fairly common. Shazzer: I NEVER put corn in a salad. Dr. Darling: I’ve noticed. Shazzer: Are you saying that you’ve spent the last six years eating my salads and thinking that the corn …

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Jun 26 2008

Why haven’t CA gay marriages destroyed society yet?

There’s a great column posted to the CBS News website yesterday that asks, among other things: What is going on here? I was promised calamity and catastrophe and the end of all things good and decent. California was supposed to drop into the sea while all those who dared look back were turned into pillars …

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Jun 25 2008

Obama holds 12-point lead over McCain

Obama holds 12-point lead over McCain, poll finds I know it’s early yet, but this is still really encouraging.   Original Entry

Jun 25 2008

The pause that refreshes…

Finally, a Swedish server that understands the meaning of the phrase, “with lots of ice”! We dined “al fresco” in Lillatorg (Malmö’s “little square”) tonight. And while my companions, including Dr. Darling, went with traditional pub brews, I decided an ice cold Coca-Cola Light would be ideal for washing down my Moose Burger. (Okay, it …

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Jun 22 2008

More fun with SPAM: Are they serious?

There are just SO many ways to mock this that I don’t know where to begin! But seriously, anyone who needs a chewable form of Viagra has no business sporting any kind of wood. Mobile post sent by Shazzer using Utterz. Replies.   Original Entry

Jun 21 2008

Matt’s dancing badly again!

And this time, he has company! I first blogged about Matt Harding ‘s mesmerizing bad-dancing world tour videos back in May of last year.  At that point I was about 12 months behind the rest of the internets in knowing who he was, but I’m making up for that by sharing his latest effort within …

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