Jun 03 2008

Bessie arrives in Sweden!

Folks reading this on utterz.com know exactly who I’m talking about! But for those reading it on my blog(s), this adorable plush cow talking on a cellphone is the mascot for a fantastic mobile multi-media micro-blogging service called Utterz that’s changing the way I interact with the web.

Basically, Utterz makes it simple to get your voice, pictures, videos and text on the web…either via their website or my favorite way…directly from your mobile phone. And by ‘the web,’ I mean your blog, flickr photostream, twitter timeline, yahoo groups or youtube account, plus about a dozen other social media services…with more being added all the time.

There’s also a terrific community building up around the service, and the people who created and continue to develop it are among its most avid users so they’re super responsive.

So if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get media into your blog, consolidate your social network posting, or podcast on-the-fly, surf by utterz.com and check it out. Bessie will be really glad to see you!

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