Jun 25 2008

The pause that refreshes…

Finally, a Swedish server that understands the meaning of the phrase, “with lots of ice”!

We dined “al fresco” in Lillatorg (Malmö’s “little square”) tonight. And while my companions, including Dr. Darling, went with traditional pub brews, I decided an ice cold Coca-Cola Light would be ideal for washing down my Moose Burger. (Okay, it was actually elk, but the restaurant is called Moosehead and this is their “signature dish”.) The trick would be getting our waitress to cooperate.

But as it’s now high season and our party was speaking English for the most part, she reasonably assumed we were American tourists and therefore inclined to tip. (It’s not a regular custom here and locals rarely do it.)

So I probably shouldn’t have been surprised when my glass arrived at the table filled with ice above the rim, but I was. And in what was certainly a case of my American-ness trumping my local-ness, I tipped her, too.

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