Jun 30 2008

Bandwidth? I got your bandwidth right here!

Okay, I realize that NOBODY cares about this except me and my hosting company (and possibly the stats-obsessed Swede), but this month…for the first time in the history of this blog…I actually had to buy more bandwidth.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about (i.e. the majority of my immediate family who will read this entry from the comfort of their inboxes), "bandwidth" refers to the amount of data traffic that moves between a website and the rest of the internet. The more visitors a site has, the more bandwidth it uses, and web hosting companies typically set some kind of limit on the amount of bandwidth they provide clients for any given month.

My most excellent hosting service, blog-city.com, provides 2 megabytes of bandwidth per month, which is generally considered more than enough for the casual blogger. (According to the independent comparison service  findmyhosting.com, 99% of ALL websites use less than 2MB per month.) And until recently, 2MB was plenty for ShazzerSpeak…though I have approached the limit a couple of times.

But I'd never come so close as to trigger the warning messages that started streaming into my mailbox a little over a week ago, notifying me that ShazzerSpeak was at risk of going dark for the remainder of June if I didn't purchase some extra bandwidth before hitting the 2MB limit.*  I was so stunned by this information that I actually zipped off a quick e-mail to blog-city support to make sure it wasn't a mistake.

Of course I'd like to think that my writing, linking and commentary has just been especially provocative and entertaining lately, but Dr. Darling is crediting the European Cup Football championships for the increased traffic this month. For some reason, an entry I wrote a couple years ago featuring a very tasty image of Swedish soccer star Fredrik Ljungberg ranks very high on Google image seach, so lots of folks end up here while surfing for pix of Freddie in his Calvin Klein's.

Then again, Sweden did get knocked out of the tournament during early pool play…

Yeah, I'm going with especially provocative and entertaining.

*Final tally for June: 47,906 hits (1,597 per day)/2.30MB of bandwidth. SWEET!


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