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Jul 30 2008

“You just don’t get it, Bren!”

Okay, obscure Beverly Hills 90210 reference aside, here are some things I continue to ponder following our weekend up in Halmstad with my extended family of Swedish in-laws. 1. Why would anyone plan a two-year-old’s family birthday party on the same night as a local soccer match that you know fully half your guests are …

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Jul 30 2008

CA Prop 8 supporters sue over blunt ballot language

This photo of a hand holding a teeny, tiny violin comes from Pam Spaulding at Pam's House Blend, an "Online Magazine for the Reality-Based Community." (Love that!) Seems the California Attorney general's office has re-written the title and summary of Proposition 8 (a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage) so that it accurately reflects what the …

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Jul 28 2008

One Picture Says it All: Feel the McMentum!

One Picture Says it All: Feel the McMentum!   Original Entry

Jul 27 2008

Halmstad trip recap, Twitter-style

Here's a preview of the themes I'll be expanding on when I write about our weekend with my Swedish in-laws. These little nuggets have been lifted directly from my Twitter timeline (although I have taken the liberty of corrected a few typos). Saturday, July 26 Have I mentioned how much I hate riding the train …

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Jul 26 2008

Same punchline, different joke

Summer-like weather has finally arrived in southern Sweden, prompting Dr. Darling and I to take a stroll in the sunshine when I got home from work on Thursday afternoon. Malmö is a great city for walking, and set out on one of our favourite routes along the canal. There were tons of people out and …

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Jul 25 2008

Knox and Viv: Test Tube Twins?

“Jolie apparently didn’t want to deal “with the stress of trying to get pregnant,” otherwise known as HAVING SEX WITH BRAD PITT.” – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt used in vitro to conceive twins – Celebrities – Personally, I would have had no problem at least going through the motions of trying to get …

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Jul 22 2008

I want my BPP! redux

Okay…maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part, but the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail is running an article that specifically mentions the rumours that NPR is now reconsidering it’s crappy decision to cancel my beloved Bryant Park Project. This is supposedly because of the outpouring of disappointment from fans, most of whom listen …

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