Jul 10 2008

The chorus demanding Bush be prosecuted for constitutional abuses is getting louder

From an article in the UK newspaper The Guardian:

“…the idea of holding our leaders accountable for the crimes and constitutional violations of the past seven and a half years isn’t ridiculous in the least.

We are less than a decade removed from impeaching a president and nearly relieving him of office because of a lie in a civil deposition about blowjobs. Yet when congressman Dennis Kucinich recently attempted to impeach Bush over torture, extraordinary rendition and other grotesque constitutional abuses, Kucinich’s embarrassed fellow Democrats couldn’t kill the measure quickly enough.

Why? Top Democrats are so complicit in what has happened since 9/11 that my guess is they dare not travel down that road.”

The full piece can be read here:

Dan Kennedy: Should Bush be tried for war crimes?

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