Jul 22 2008

I want my BPP! redux

Okay…maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part, but the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail is running an article that specifically mentions the rumours that NPR is now reconsidering it’s crappy decision to cancel my beloved Bryant Park Project.

This is supposedly because of the outpouring of disappointment from fans, most of whom listen online or via podcast (like me), rather than on one of the five (yes, you read that right) local NPR affiliates that carry it live during morning drive.  

All this reinforces the fact that the BPP is clearly a huge hit with exactly the “new media consumers” that NPR was hoping to attract when it was launched a scant nine months ago as a morning radio program with an integrated web presence (streaming audio, multi-media blog, twitter feed, facebook group, etc.)

The reprieve rumours seem to focus on the BPP continuing as a scaled-down, web-only program that would be slightly “less-polished” (fine by me) than NPR’s usual over-the-air offerings. This makes SO much sense that I don’t understand why it wasn’t the original game plan when NPR cited the “downturning economy” as the reason for the BPP’s demise.

Here’s hoping that this particular rumour happens to be true, in which case I stand ready to make a financial pledge to support the venture.


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