Jul 26 2008

Same punchline, different joke

Summer-like weather has finally arrived in southern Sweden, prompting Dr. Darling and I to take a stroll in the sunshine when I got home from work on Thursday afternoon. Malmö is a great city for walking, and set out on one of our favourite routes along the canal. There were tons of people out and about, including this group enjoying a floating dinner party on the canal.

As I paused on the bridge to snap the photo, Dr. Darling noted a disparity between the amount of food on the tables verses the amount of alcohol.

Dr. D: Gosh, they seem to have a spectacular amount of wine down there but not much to eat.

Shazz: And you're surprised by that?

Dr. D:  A little. Aren't you? 

Shazz: Not at all. It's a bunch of Swedes dining al fresco.  A copious amount of booze is compulsory.  I think it may even be written in the Swedish constitution.

Dr. D: Good point.

We continued on our way along the canal, which was buzzing with paddleboats and kayakers.  This one was unusal though as it was a four-seater.  We think it was a family, based on the way they were interacting with each other. What a cool way to spend some quality time together!

Toward the end of our stroll we came upon a couple who were fishing.  I love to fish, and I'm always curious to know what folks are catching…especially the canal that runs through the center of the city. The man had a large white bucket next to him, and when I saw it jiggle, I figured he had a catch he'd be happy to show off.

But as I approached him, I could see that the only thing in the bucket was the remnants of his picnic supper. By now, though, I was too close to him not to at least say something, so in the hushed tones that one uses when talking to fisherman actively trying to catch fish, I said to him (in my best Swedish):

"I saw your bucket move and thought you'd caught something, but it must have been the wind. Anything biting?"

And he said: NOTHING.

Seriously, not a word. What's weirder, he didn't even acknowledge my presence, and I was standing right next to him. (I know I wasn't invisible because the woman was sitting a few feet away and she at least looked up at me.)

When I caught up with Dr. Darling (who, hating all things fish-related, had walked well ahead), I described the strange non-encounter, concluding with the statement: "That man is either incredibly rude or completely deaf."

Dr. D: Or he could Swedish.

Shazz: Good point. 


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