Jul 27 2008

Halmstad trip recap, Twitter-style

Here's a preview of the themes I'll be expanding on when I write about our weekend with my Swedish in-laws. These little nuggets have been lifted directly from my Twitter timeline (although I have taken the liberty of corrected a few typos).

Saturday, July 26

Have I mentioned how much I hate riding the train on weekends? Between the drunk Danes and small children, I hate it ALOT.

Of course the fact that I'm surrounded by people who are in various stages of deodorant failure is not helping matters. 

Drowning out the drunk Danes on the train with Barack Obama's speech in Berlin. Have I mentioned how much I love my iPod Nano? 

Based on the Caipirinha I was just served, my sister-in-law really needs the "1001 Cocktails" book we just gave her 4 her b-day. 

Remarkably, my Swedish proficiency seems to improve with every glass of wine consumed! 

My Swedish in-laws are very impressed that I just got an SMS from Barack Obama (via twitter). 

Backyard trampoline + small children + alcohol = potentially hazardous fun. Happy to report that all survived.

Sunday, July 27 

Listening to churchbells ring in Halmstad while installing Skype on my mother-in-law's computer. Key question: will she ever use it? 

My mother-in-law is a lovely woman, but her coffee SUCKS. 

About to board a boat with my mobile phone in my pocket. Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson!

My 2-year-old niece is NOT digging the boat ride and is on the verge of ruining it for everyone else. Ouch. 

Survived Sweden's most boring harbour tour (Halmstad) with a screaming 2-year-old. I deserve combat pay today. 

No 2nd class seats available for the first leg home, so we're riding to Båstad in style. Will probably have to stand from there to H-borg.

On our way home and the drunken Danes have been replaced by crying babies and standing-room-only conditions. I hate weekend trains.

Train is teaming with hung-over metal heads returning from last night's Iron Maiden concert in Gothenburg. Great mix w/crying babies!

4 bikes, 3 prams, 2 wheelchairs, a huge set of golf clubs and massive amounts of luggage mean we'll pay for reserved seats next trip.


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