Jul 30 2008

“You just don’t get it, Bren!”

Okay, obscure Beverly Hills 90210 reference aside, here are some things I continue to ponder following our weekend up in Halmstad with my extended family of Swedish in-laws.

1. Why would anyone plan a two-year-old’s family birthday party on the same night as a local soccer match that you know fully half your guests are planning to attend? (I mean, it’s not like the two-year-old is going to care what date the party is held.)

2. If organizing a Sunday afternoon event in which the start-time is somewhat flexible, why would you let the locals determine that time rather than consulting the out-of-towners who have a two-hour train ride from hell to endure in order to get home on Sunday night?

3. When given the opportunity to select the time of an event, why choose an hour that will result in your two-year-old missing her much needed afternoon nap, pretty guaranteeing that the kid will have a meltdown?


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