Aug 12 2008

Bornholm-bound, come hell or high water

After a week-long postponement due to crappy weather, the Swede and I are departing on our much anticipating summer bike tour today. Which is not to say that conditions have gotten any better. (In fact, it's raining as I type this.) 

We're headed for the Danish island of Bornholm, where the forecast over the next couple days is still calling for some precipitation, but not enough to cancel the trip altogether. Of course our preference would be that my first tour since becoming monocular was under ideal conditions, but this is Scandinavia in summertime after all.

So we're heading out today, because as my grandmother used to say, "You may be made of sugar, but you won't melt."

I plan to mobile blog our adventure for as long as it lasts, and of course I'll be tweeting, too: http://twitter.com/shazzer

Wish us luck!

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