Aug 24 2008

The Week in Review: Twitter-style

Last week it was "back-to-the-grind" and back to having very little time to blog.  But I did manage post a running commentary via my various micro-blogging tools/communities…including Twitter, which continues to be my favourite even though they recently decided to cut SMS notifications for everyone using their UK gateway. Bastages!!!

What follows is a run-down of my Tweets for the week…which feels a little bit like cheating in terms of creating a "new" entry.  But on the other hand, sharing complete thoughts and events in 140 characters or less often requires a bit of creativity!  In very short bursts.  Enjoy!

From my Twitter Timeline:

Watching Joanna Lumley slog thru the Borneo rainforest saving orangutans. She's so classy and charming even while covered in mud!

Missed my intended train thanks to it departing from a different track than usual (on the opposite side of the station).

Fortunately there was a 'slow' train leaving 3 minutes later, but clearly not a good start for my 1st day back from vacation.

Despite back-to-back meetings, I've managed to whittle my inbox down from 104 to 33 new messages this a.m. But damn, my Swedish is rusty.

Inbox now stands at 15 messages that still need attention. Must fetch a strong of a cup of Swedish coffee to help power me through the rest.

Listening to a torrential downpour on the roof of my office. Nice to know Mother Nature wasn't picking on me specifically last week.

Braving the crowds @ the Malmö Festival under threatening skies with 2 small children in tow. Yes, we're crazy.

The live band that I can hear from our balcony during the Malmö Festival is playing a very serviceable cover of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

So I was at the station with plenty of time to spare this a.m., and the train left 7 minutes late. Story of my life.

On my way to Lund University to be a radio star and the train is actually on time! It's a friggin' miracle!

Just spent 20 minutes of air-time on the Swedish state-run pharmacy's booming sales of sex toys. So liberating!

Can't stop laughing while watching a British documentary called (in Swedish, at least) "Help! I can't stop farting!" Seriously.

The landline phones are down at my office this morning, which means I may actually be able to get a few things done sans interruption!

Still no landlines at my office and my productivity level is "off the chart"! (Wish I could get away wth a phone-free day once a week.)

On the 'slow' train home from the office because the 'fast' train is running 19 minutes late…so far.

"Border Security: Australia's Front Line" is my new favorite reality show! Who knew customs enforcement was such an exciting career field?

Blogged it: Small children + big street festival = Danger, Will Robinson! http://tinyurl.com/5qvhgn

Blogged it: You Go Girlfriends!!! http://tinyurl.com/5vqqp5

A fellow commuter just dumped hot tea on my left ankle, which naturally filled my shoe and soaked my sock. Good times.

Too many meetings today (a hallmark of the Swedish corporate world). I'm so glad it's almost quittin' time.

I don't know what Dr. Darling's been eating for lunch, but the menu definitely needs to change.

What does it say about me that I chose to miss my train rather than leave without my iPod? (Which didn't want to eject from iTunes this a.m)

Rats, I thought the e-mail from BarackObama.com would be the VP pick, instead they want me to host a "convention party"…in Sweden?

Just signed up to pay a 3rd-party for Twitter notifications via SMS. Still don't understand why Twitter wasn't interested in my money???

It's almost quitting time! God this has been a long week. TGIF everybody!

Watching "Hannible" and not quite buying Julianne Moore as Clarice Starling. Then again, I loves me some Jodie Foster.

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