Sep 01 2008

Sunshine + politics = blogging blight

Mother Nature decided to grace us with blue skies and warm temperatures over the weekend, which I chose to interpret as her beaming over the results of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Whatever the cause, Dr. Darling and I did some bike-riding and basking in the sunshine in addition to the usual laundry list of weekend chores (that ironically always includes laundry).

What time I did spend in front of the computer was dedicated primarily to trying to figure out the answer to this question:

What the hell was John McCain (AKA McSame AKA INSANE) thinking with his VP pick

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin can't possibly inspire confidence in anyone except hardcore evangelicals who are waiting around for the apocalypse anyway.

And now that it's been announced that her 17-year-old daughter is knocked-up, even the Holy Rollers have to be a little disappointed.  Especially since they've only got a few more months of having to pretend that Mary Cheney doesn't exist.


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