Sep 09 2008

Eight days (of mostly meetings) in September

Okay kids, I know this is totally cheating…but I'm so friggin' busy at the moment that I feel lucky if I can find the time to "tweet".  So, direct from my Twitter timeline, here's a synopsis of the first week of September in 140 character (or less) bursts:

Just finished my 5th meeting/appointment of the day…and it's only 3:30 p.m. How the hell do they expect me to get any work done?!!!

And the meeting merry-go-round continues today. Still trying to figure out exactly WHEN I'm supposed to do any work.

Trying to decide how insulted I should be after getting off the phone with a telemarketer who asked if I was interested in a "make-over."

Text to Dr. D: "Where are you Sweetie? Hot dinner date w/your lover? If so, could you bring home a doggie bag? I don't feel like cooking."

The 5:45 a.m. Gym crowd is decidely thin today. It is Wednesdy, right?

Waiting on my ride to our annual departmental retreat. The pick-up point is the fire station…which feels potentially prophetic.

It's only 11 a.m. and I'm already tired of listening to Swedish. The English-language ppt. presentations are the only thing saving me now.

Lunch FINALLY! I can never get enough tomato and mozarella salad. Especially if its garnished with toasted pine nuts.

Drinking coffee that's been allowed to sit on the warmer too long…but I'm so desperate for the caffiene jolt that I'm trying to ignore it.

A colleague's baby just barfed on me. Guess he didn't like the coffee either.

Hope nobody asks me what the last four hours of this meeting was about because I tuned out LONG ago.

Back in the office, and back in meetings. TGIF.

Cool, rainy Saturday morning. Perfect for building a nest on the couch & snuggling down into it indefinitely, which is exactly what I need.

Just watched a Swedish retirement planning commercial featuring two middle-aged gay men. Just one of the reasons I love this country.

I love the fact that Jamie Oliver recipes are nearly impossible to screw up.

Watching Naomi Watts' tour de force performance in "Mulholland Drive", one of my favorite films of all time.

On the train, heading back to the office, AKA 'Meetings 'R Us'. I can already feel the headache coming on…

Not that I'm chaotically busy or anything, but it was 3:00 this afternoon before I realized that I had my underpants on inside-out.

Totally bumming that I won't be able to watch the premier of a Rachel Maddow's new MSNBC show live tonight. Go Rachel!

Tuesday is proving to be identicallly chaotic to Monday, except that today I'm certain that I have my underpants on correctly.

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