Sep 15 2008

One million ShazzerSpeak readers can’t be wrong!

But they can be incredibly bored!

Sometime today, the built-in hit counter here at ShazzerSpeak rolled past the one million mark. Which pretty much begs the question: "Don't you people have anything better to do?!"

Seriously though, nobody is more surprised by this than me. Except maybe the privacy-obsessed Swede, who is convinced that the numbers are primarily the result of spam bots and people searching for pictures of Swedish soccer star Freddie Ljungberg in his underwear.

Shazzer: Hey now, plenty of those hits are real people!

Dr. Darling: Well I don't understand why anyone who doesn't know us personally would have the slightest interest in reading your blog.

Shazzer: Why is it so hard to believe that folks might just enjoy my writing?  Stranger things have happened.

Dr. Darling: True. Who would have guessed there would be so many people searching Google for information on expired yogurt?

Shazzer: That was one entry!

Dr. Darling: Face it, our lives are boring and most of the people who end up on your blog end up there by accident.

Shazzer: That's SO not true! I'm a good story-teller. I'm even funny on occasion. That's why people read it. You want me to ask about it in my next post?

Dr. Darling:  Sure. And while you're at it, ask visitors to leave their IP numbers so I don't have to troll StatCounter for them later.

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