Sep 27 2008

Nice paint job!

This mini-van, representing the Skåne region's safe-sex campaign, was one of the most attention-grabbing entrants in the Rainbow Festival Parade today.

The Rainbow Festival is Malmö's version of Gay Pride, and from what Dr. Darling and I were able to tell (based on the size of the parade), the event appears to have grown a bit since our last attempt to "be better gays" two years ago. In fact, our experience at the "Opening Night Party" in 2006 was so bad that we actually boycotted the entire Festival week last year.

And to be honest, we remained a little gun-shy about the 2008 celebration, especially since the program indicated that organizers were still allowing men-only events to be held at the same time as several of the Festival's main parties. Now I don't claim to be an expert on community-building, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen when you segregate the socializing, particularly if the local GLBT population isn't expecially large to begin with…Duh.

But the weather was gorgeous this afternoon and the parade route passed very near The Penthouse-Nordic, so we decided to head over to Stortorget to "support the cause".  It was lively, with lots of good energy, and we really enjoyed ourselves. We may even venture back to some Rainbow Festival parties next year, provided that the boys turn up as well.  Otherwise we'll be forced to crash the men-only parties in drag.

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