Oct 02 2008

Yes Virginia, there really IS a Dishwasher Fairy!

A few weeks ago I mocked Dr. Darling’s habit of stacking dirty dishes on the counter next to the dishwasher rather than putting them inside.

It was kind of a risky thing to do considering most days I have to recon The Penthouse-Nordic collecting assorted coffee cups and snack plates. The fact that some of the Swede’s dishes do actually make it out to the kitchen once in awhile is kind of a minor miracle.

Well, ever since I questioned the existence of The Dishwasher Fairy, I’ve seen plenty of evidence of her presence.

It’s the same fairy who puts the clean laundry away.

A domestic fairy who looks a hell of a lot like me.

Now if only I could figure out which fairy moves my keys so that I can’t find them.


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