Oct 04 2008

Can’t fault her ability to stick with a plan!

So I got up VERY early Friday morning (5:15 a.m. Sweden time) to watch the Vice Presidential Debate, which I had recorded on CNN International overnight. I did this because 1) I wanted to make up my own mind about who won BEFORE listening to any punditry or reading any analysis of it, and B) I was expecting to be darkly entertained by Sarah Palin's verbal gymnastics.

Joe Biden clearly won the night on substance. But Sarah didn't screw-up either, mostly because she stuck to what I can only imagine was a pretty big stack of index cards conveniently tucked under her podium. Aden Nak of ph33r and loathing came up with this handy chart that helps explain her much-better-than-expected performance.


So she didn't make a fool of herself, but she really didn't SAY anything either.

Feed my ego!

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