Oct 16 2008

Tales from the commute: Last night an iPod saved my life

My recent run of good public transportation luck came to an abrupt halt on my way home from work last night.

A major power line got cut between Lund and Malmö around 4:50 p.m., stranding hundreds of commuters for hours at a time in some cases.  I got lucky in that my usual 31 minute train ride was only extended by about an hour and a half…though that did include nearly an hour standing on a packed bus.

Thankfully, I’d managed to both charge AND sync my iPod that morning (I’m famous for doing one but not the other), so I had a couple of episodes of COUNTDOWN and The Rachel Maddow Show to watch/listen to…which made the slow and frustrating journey home almost tolerable.

Now if only Apple would invent an iPod for when you’re trapped on a bus and have to pee.

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