Oct 21 2008

One Buckeye’s request of Sarah Palin

From the Huffington Post:

Dear Sarah, please leave now. Don’t ever come back. We don’t need your sort in Ohio.

Steve Denlinger’s recent commentary has special resonance for me as someone who was born in Ohio and still has a lot of extended family there. He wrote it after seeing an Al Jazeera TV news report that included interviews with people attending a McCain-Palin campaign event in Houston, Ohio. I’ve seen the footage he’s talking about online and I can full well understand his embarrassment and outrage.

So in the above column he takes Sarah Palin to task for “caustic and careless words that have lit racial fires across America” and notes that in his former career as a teacher, he was responsible for the tone in his classroom.

“Had I let my students start shouting murder threats or use the N-word, I would have lost my job. I was expected to take decisive action – call the miscreants down or send them to the principal’s office.

Sarah Palin has failed to take this kind of action.”

Too right Steve. The sooner she heads back to Alaska, the better.


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