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Nov 29 2008

Thanksgiving with the Buckeyes: Twitter-style

Yeah, I know, this is TOTALLY cheating.  But I also know myself, and this is the only way I’ll ever get around to chronicling the Ohio Roadtrip after the fact.  So, direct from my Twitter timeline*, I present the following entry. Enjoy. On the road to Akron, Ohio. The 12 hours it will take to get there and …

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Nov 26 2008

Home in the Heartland: The 1st Three Days

It’s been the usual chaotic whirlwind quite frankly, and I didn’t expect anything else. I always chuckle when my colleagues in Sweden wish me a relaxing vacation before I leave for the U.S., because “relaxing” is NEVER an option when I’m here. In the first three days I’ve been to church, shopped, watched NFL football …

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Nov 23 2008

I wonder if this would work in Sweden?

I wonder if this would work in Sweden?   Original Entry

Nov 22 2008

Technology Rocks!!!

It's just now noon and I'm already checked in and holding a boarding pass for my 3:30 flight to Chicago thanks to SAS's internet check-in option.  I didn't think it was available for international flights to the U.S., but I'm so glad I was wrong. This means I have a lot more time to get …

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Nov 20 2008

Dr. Darling, unimpressible

Forgive me, faithful readers, for being something less that prolific these past few days. I just figured you all could use a little break from my election-related ramblings. (Though for those who are interested, I’m still OVER THE MOON about the results and am following Barack’s transition team with the same enthusiasm I did for …

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Nov 17 2008

Prop. 8 protests could become national movement

Outrage and anguish over the passage of Proposition 8 has spurred massive street protests throughout California, and leaders of the gay and lesbian community believe the backlash could spark an unprecedented nationwide push for gay rights. Full article at Original Entry UPDATE:  Courtesy of Think Progress LGBT rights advocates, organized by Join the Impact, …

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Nov 14 2008

I’ll take my tinkle “on the rocks”…

Purified urine to be astronauts’ drinking water Wasn’t this a really bad Kevin Costner movie?   Original Entry

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