Nov 02 2008

It’s November: Are you ready to vote?

I've already mailed my absentee ballot, but most Americans will be heading to the polls the day after tomorrow. Record turnout and suspected voter suppression tactics in a number of states (including my home state of Indiana) mean that citizens will need to be vigilant, not to mention prepared to wait in long lines.

AlterNet has posted an online guide to making the voting process as simple and trouble-free as possible, and there's some great information and links included in it.

And when you're done exercising your right to vote, be sure to swing by Krispy Kreme Donuts and/or Ben & Jerry's for a free treat.  Now I can't say as I know much about Krispy Kreme's corporate politics, but I wouldn't be surprised if Ben & Jerry's stores were offering Obama voters a little whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles to go along with their complimentary scoop. Wink

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