Nov 06 2008

Big London Theater Weekend

I've been so wrapped up in the U.S. election for the past couple weeks that I'd pretty much forgotten about our Big London Theater Weekend, which was planned and paid for months ago.

We're flying to Heathrow early tomorrow morning, and doing a little sightseeing before catching a matinee of the musical Wicked. After that we're meeting up with some Danish friends for dinner, and then we're all heading to what was *supposed* to be the closing night performance of French & Saunders Still Alive 2008, until they caved to public demand and added a Sunday show.

Because the weekend also happens to fall on the anniversary of Dr. Darling and I first meeting in London eight years ago to see "French & Saunders Live in 2000", we've decided to splash out on a 4-star hotel instead of doing our usual youth hostel routine.  And as is tradition whenever we travel to the UK, I will be dragging the Swede to an Anglican church service on Sunday morning…which for some folks qualifies as "theater", too.

I plan to "blog from the road" at some point during the weekend, and as usual, those interested in the play-by-play should surf by my Twitter feed: www.twitter.com/shazzer

Pip, pip and cheerio!

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