Nov 06 2008

My new favorite color: Hoosier Blue!

In addition to my joyous relief at the election of Barack Obama as our next president on Tuesday, I and many of my like-minded friends from Indiana were thrilled to see our state go blue for the first time since any of us were old enough to vote. 

Indiana, which normally gets placed in the GOP win column within 5 minutes of the polls closing on election night, was actually a contest this year. That in itself was enormously satisfying, and I barely dared to dream that Barack could win it. The race was so close that most news organizations waited until Wednesday afternoon Sweden time to call it, and I thought I was done crying until I saw the state turn blue on NPR's official electoral map, pictured above.

As of Thursday morning, votes in both Missouri and North Carolina were still being counted, though the NC News & Observer has called North Carolina for the Democrat.

For some reason I can't get the word "landslide" out of my head right now.

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