Nov 20 2008

Dr. Darling, unimpressible

Forgive me, faithful readers, for being something less that prolific these past few days. I just figured you all could use a little break from my election-related ramblings. (Though for those who are interested, I’m still OVER THE MOON about the results and am following Barack’s transition team with the same enthusiasm I did for the campaign.)

I’ve also been trying to get organized to make my biennial Thanksgiving trip to the U.S. next week. As has become custom, I’m so swamped with stuff I have to get done at work in order to be away from the office for 8 days that I’ve given pretty much ZERO advanced thought to the trip…which starts on SATURDAY. I’m a world class procrastinator under normal circumstances…I don’t need any additional distractions!  And because I’m going solo this year, I haven’t been able to turf much of the prep and organizing to Dr. Darling, who excels at such things.

And no, my going alone should not be interpreted as anything other than a wise financial decision. The Swede is fresh out of paid vacation time thanks to Denmark‘s weird vacation day earning scheme, and besides that my mother-in-law turns 60 this weekend and we decided it was kind of important that all of her kids be there…especially since there are just two of them to begin with.

So tonight, instead of packing, Dr. Darling and I had a lovely dinner with my favorite Alpha Geek and his wife. They are both “foodies”and since he’s a man of leisure until starting his new job in January, he has time to prepare a fancy meal on a weeknight. We had roe deer filet, pasta with a creamy white wine and garlic sauce, and wokked asparagus, sugar-snap peas and field mushrooms.

After supper we drank wine and played around with A-G’s extensive iTunes Library, which for some reason was kicking out one-hit wonders from late 60’s to early 80’s, and I wowed our hosts by being able to sing along to nearly every number. Dr. Darling‘s response was a little less enthusiastic: “No wonder you can’t retain any new information. Your brain is filled with three decades worth of pop song lyrics.”

Cheeky Monkey. Maybe it is a good thing I’m doing Thanksgiving solo.


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