Nov 22 2008

Technology Rocks!!!

It's just now noon and I'm already checked in and holding a boarding pass for my 3:30 flight to Chicago thanks to SAS's internet check-in option.  I didn't think it was available for international flights to the U.S., but I'm so glad I was wrong.

This means I have a lot more time to get to the airport, and once I arrive all I will need to do is check my bags, clear security and head for the gate. I'm so relaxed and ahead of schedule at this point that I've even been able to to accept an invitation to have lunch over at Cafe Lundqvist, where the Alpha Geek is indulging me with access to his new MacBook, the slightly older Swedish twin to my new MacBook…which is winging its way to my Mom's house as I type!

Next stop: The Heartland!!


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