Nov 26 2008

Home in the Heartland: The 1st Three Days

It’s been the usual chaotic whirlwind quite frankly, and I didn’t expect anything else. I always chuckle when my colleagues in Sweden wish me a relaxing vacation before I leave for the U.S., because “relaxing” is NEVER an option when I’m here.

In the first three days I’ve been to church, shopped, watched NFL football with my nephew (all three “technically” qualify as religious experiences), had a catch-up dinner with a dear friend, reprogrammed my Mother’s digital cable box, been to the dentist (no cavities!) shopped some more with my youngest sister, watched my 13-year-old niece cheerlead at a junior high basketball game, installed a new chat client and webcam on the Mothership’s computer (teaching her how to use them will be another story), found four “new” pairs of pants while making the rounds of Lafayette’s fabulous 2nd hand stores (more shopping!) and salivated over my new MacBook, which arrived yesterday afternoon but have had NO time to play with!!!

And making this list even more impressive is the fact that I’ve managed to do all of it without being properly caffienated. Seriously. It’s taken me all three days to get the idiosyncrasies of my Mother’s coffeemaker figured out, and it was not until this morning that I finally managed to make myself a decent cup of Joe!

And it’s a good thing, because today we’re heading east to Akron, Ohio, for the actual Thanksgiving celebration with extended family. I can’t do any of the actual driving (no Indiana license, no right eye), but shotgun duty for my Mom, who has recently and mysteriously (and hopefully, temporarily) lost all of the hearing in her right ear, will require a special kind of vigilance.

I will be “tweeting” throughout, for those interested: http://twitter.com/shazzer

Wish me luck.

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