Nov 29 2008

Thanksgiving with the Buckeyes: Twitter-style

Yeah, I know, this is TOTALLY cheating.  But I also know myself, and this is the only way I’ll ever get around to chronicling the Ohio Roadtrip after the fact.  So, direct from my Twitter timeline*, I present the following entry. Enjoy.

On the road to Akron, Ohio. The 12 hours it will take to get there and back will be more time than I’ve spent in a car in all of 2008. 7:27 AM Nov 26th

Turns out my Mother is a real lead-foot on the highway. Which is kind of weird considering she drives like a timid old lady in town. 10:45 AM Nov 26th

Hanging in Ohio, surrounded by extended family, which is totally SWEET!!! 5:28 PM Nov 26th

Updates from my cousin’s house are lagging ’cause cell phone coverage is weak in his neighborhood. Wireless internet is blazing fast though! 3:04 AM Nov 27th

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on a huge flate screen TV in the Great Room of my cousin’s mans and missing Dr. Darling. 7:11 AM Nov 27th

Thanksgiving dinner devoured. I’m ready for my nap now, Mr. DeMille. 2:19 PM Nov 27th

Sated on five different kinds of pie and bad NFL football. Now winding down with a glass of white port. 7:30 PM Nov 27th

Out to dinner with the extended family. I could live on oriental chicken salad! 3:46 PM Nov 28th

Headed home from a fantastic Thanksgiving with the Ohio cousins. Hanging with them once a year just isn’t often enough! 5:35 AM Nov 29th

1st Taco Bell of the US visit. Keep waiting for them to run out of ways to combine the same five ingredients, but they always surprise me! 10:04 AM Nov 29th

OMG! Mom, AKA Lead-foot McGinty, got pulled over 4 speeding near Peru! Clearly she can’t drive and eat a 7-layer burrito simultaneously! 10:05 AM Nov 29th

*Time displayed does not correspond to the actual time of the tweet, don’t ask me why.


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