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Dec 29 2008

Virtual Fruitcake, the only kind I eat

Found a great website for folks trying to figure out what they’re going to do with that fruitcake hey got for Christmas. It’s called the Great Fruitcake Recycling Project and as the image above indicates, the e-card section is especially entertaining.  

Dec 27 2008

See Mom Skype


At Dr. Darling’s suggestion, this year’s Christmas gift to my Mom was a webcam, which I purchased and installed for her while I was in the States for Thanksgiving because that was the only way to insure she’d actually learn how to use it with the VOIP service Skype. And it appears I did my job …

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Dec 24 2008

Ode to bacon on Flickr is making me hungry!

It's all I really want for Christmas.  Wall of Bacon (via stuartzero)   Original Entry

Dec 22 2008

Clearly Swedish design prowess…

…does not extend to Christmas decorations. This display, which we’ve creatively dubbed ‘The Big Lamp’, has been floating around Malmö for the last couple holiday seasons. This year it’s parked on Lillatorg and that’s my my brother standing in front of it for scale. I’m sure The Big Lamp is meant to symbolize something deeply …

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Dec 22 2008

It had to happen eventually…

I understand the idea behind keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, but I'm still stunned that the president-elect has invited Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. How the hell did my man Barack, who has been pretty much pitch-perfect on every single slightly sensitive or semi-controversial issue to land in …

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Dec 20 2008

From the Dept. of Why Didn’t I Think of This?

A UK gadget company is offering a unique holiday gift-wrap service that's being hailed as the best Christmas present ever for lazy men. The company's "CrapWrap" option is described as an "exclusive, uniquely shoddy gift wrapping option involves us wrapping your pressies in a slapdash fashion." And until the company started getting a ton of …

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Dec 19 2008

My brother is coming, my brother is coming!

Fair warning…the posts here will probably be few and far-between over the next two weeks because my brother is presently winging his way across the Atlantic to spend Christmas and New Year's at The Penthouse-Nordic! I have, as usual, been so busy with work that I've done the bare minimum of preparation for his visit, …

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