Dec 07 2008

Running the Christmas shopping gauntlet

Dr. Darling and I were lounging around in our pajamas this morning talking about my brother’s upcoming Christmas visit, when I happened to glance at a calendar and realized we had just two weekends* left to get our holiday shopping done.

So we decided to head out and brave the crowds, despite having only a vague idea of what we wanted to buy. Remarkably, the last-minute-ness of the decision and our half-assed preparation worked for us for a change, and by 3 p.m. we had the Swedish side of the family covered!

This very sparkly tree is located in one of Malmö’s downtown indoor shopping malls. The twinkling lights bouncing off its sequined branches looked like leaves rustling in a non-existent wind.

*The bulk of the shopping needs to be finished before Davy's arrival on Saturday, the 20th.
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