Dec 19 2008

My brother is coming, my brother is coming!

Fair warning…the posts here will probably be few and far-between over the next two weeks because my brother is presently winging his way across the Atlantic to spend Christmas and New Year's at The Penthouse-Nordic!

I have, as usual, been so busy with work that I've done the bare minimum of preparation for his visit, something Dr. Darling can easily attest to.  But the Swede, who once teased me for wanting the apartment to be spic-and-span when it was "just family" visiting, did most of the heavy-duty cleaning without my even asking for help.  And I'm so grateful that it's easy to resist my usual habit of pointing out the irony.

Of course my brother is the type who could really care less about the condition of the apartment, so neither one of us will score any points with him on that count. But Dr. D will earn a place in his heart for having made a Danish beer run on the way home from work today.  Bonding over a brew in the evening has become something of a tradition for the two of them whenever my brother is here.  I love the fact that they get on so well, but I know it will only be a matter of time before they gang up on me.

I can't wait!

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