Jan 04 2009

Davy don’t go!

It’s the last day of my brother’s holiday visit, and I’m not ready for him to leave…partly because we’ve had such a fun, relaxing time, and partly because I’ve been sick with a lousy cold since Thursday.  I managed to stay functional long enough to make a nice New Year’s Day dinner of “Roast Beast and Yorkshire Pudding“, but since then I’ve done little more than lay on the couch, sneeze so hard it hurt, and mop my runny nose. FUN!

Fortunately Davy is a seasoned world-traveller who is very content to entertain himself when necessary, and he’s now been in Malmo often enough to know his way around. He actually ventured out to IKEA on his own on Friday afternoon (we’d already been there once right after Christmas), and Dr. Darling was able to step in as Activities Directory this weekend. I feel really awful that I’ve been so sick for the final days of his trip, but I’m even more pissed about being sick for the final four days of my own vacation.

Today also happens to be our Mom’s birthday, so we Skyped her before she left for church and wished her many happy returns. Remarkably, she wasn’t eating breakfast at the time, so we’ve put an additional Red Star on the calendar.

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