Jan 08 2009

Crackberry Addicts Unite!

Evidently the President-Elect is still fighting for the right to keep his Blackberry, and based on my brother’s inability to leave his alone during his recent visit, I’m not surprised.

I do not envy Davy the cellphone bill he’s in for later this month. He did a pretty good job of avoiding voice calls, and I tried to help by handing him a landline phone and mouthing the words “Please, for the love of God, call her back!” whenever his Crackberry jingled at home.

Of course that only worked when we were at The Penthouse-Nordic, and we were often elsewhere.  Plus he e-mailed and text-messaged around-the-clock, and those data charges really add up when you’re overseas. I was also really surprised that his model did not have wifi…which would have at least allowed him to use our wireless internet for e-mail. Ouch.

But given that I feel practically naked if I happen to leave home without my trusty SE-P1i smartphone, I really have no room to talk.

I really hope Barack wins his battle for his Blackberry!  And I hope my brother is prepared to eat Ramen noodles for the month after paying his cellphone bill.


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