Jan 19 2009

Lincoln Memorial “We Are One” concert impressions, Twitter-style

From my Twitter timeline last night:

Watching the Lincoln Memorial Welcome event live on Swedish TV. Looks pretty darn chilly, though Denzel is warming my soul.

Jon Bon Jovi looks good and sounds even better.
Tom Hanks on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, bareheaded, no topcoat and backed by Aaron Copeland, is making me cry.
Tiger Woods is no public speaker, that's for sure.
I see Garth Brooks still hasn't discovered the benefits of Levi's Loose Fit jeans.
Damn, Usher is a good looking man.
Bono is so clearly jazzed to be performing for the We Are One event that it's palpable.
Okay, the American Eagle thing was a bit cheesy, but other than that it's been a great show.
Beyoncè gets to do the closer? I'm guessing the Obama girls had some input on this one. 

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